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Photo by Elmakias
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A Day To Remember - Right Where You Want Me To Be
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Just an edit: all originals found at this blog.
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Are we there yet? Photo by @elmakias
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Repost from @alexshelnutt / wearing the HADES tee at @selfhelpfest a few weeks ago! / Photo by @elmakias #gldn #adtr #selfhelp #sjcdrums
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I think that Neil wrote a Tweet the last year saying that ADTR going where they've never gone before, i'm not sure. Can you send me the picture of this tweet please?

I don’t have it on my hands… Lol I also don’t feel like going through his entire twitter to find it. Haha sorry 😔

Anyone have it?!

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You took the easy way out when I gave you something to stand for.

End Of Me - A Day To Remember

Driving windows down on a perfect Florida day!
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